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We've tested more than 500+ football tipsters from around the globe and these 5 have convinced us that they are without a doubt the best you can find. But don't take our word for it, test them yourself!

Takashi Kiro

A very impressive legend football tipster from....Read More[ + ]

125/1 Asian Handicap Tips

Takashi Kiro - Japan

A very impressive legend football tipster from Japan and we are proud to announce him as part of our team of elite tipsters. He gives the best low risk tips from WorldWide Leagues at affordable market price rate. Takashi tips are perfect, especially if you are a beginner and want to steadily increase your bankroll.

Andrea Bogdan

Andrea who is also called the "1x2 King" of....Read More[ + ]

399/1 Fixed Odds Betting Tips

Andrea Bogdan - Romania

Bogdan who is also called the "1x2 King" of fixed odds betting. We tested many tipsters from Romania and he was by far the best, he has the background and the skills to make top decisions. Choose Bogdan tips and be sure you will be getting very good odds with fixed odds betting.

Ho Tien

One thing is sure, you can't go wrong with Kyung....Read More[ + ]

369/1 Asian Handicap Tips

Ho Tien - Singapore

One thing is sure, you can't go wrong with Ho Tien, he's been making winning track records for all our top clients since we've found him. He is "ASIAN HANDICAP MASTER" when it comes to High Stakes soccer tips and the most dedicated tipster we've ever met. Ho Tien only handles big players with big bankrolls and his tips are deadly accurate and come with replacement !

Master Lim

Anonymous China underground....Read More[ + ]

299/1 Total Goal Tips

Master Lim - China

Anonymous China underground bettors whom preferred to be unnamed in the online market, is an elite tipster with a very dense background in the soccer industry. He was professional in the TOTAL GOALS BETTING which many of the big players in China keep raking massive profits from the underground bookies. We hope you enjoy his winning tips and expertise.

Frank Clifford

We found Frank in Australia and we are very....Read More[ + ]

1399/1 Correct Score Forecast Tips

Frank Clifford - Australia

We found Frank Clifford in Australia and we are very happy to his incredible correct-score forecasting, He was nicknamed by his clients as "Frank Winnerman", is one of the most accurate tipsters in the world. He does not provide tips everyday, but when he does, trust us when we say that his forecast will blow your mind!

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Date Fixture Service Name Service Picks Score Results
Confidential Match Frank Clifford CS Buy Today
- Vs -
CS Deportivo Liniers
Andrea Bogdan FO Buy Today
- Vs -
New Zealand U20
Master Lim OU Buy Today
- Vs -
Takashi Kiro AH Buy Today
Fredrikstad 2
- Vs -
Sandefjord 2
Ho Tien AH Buy Today
- Vs -
Takashi Kiro AH

BASEL -0.75

3-1 (0-0) WIN
- Vs -
Ho Tien AH


0-1 (0-1) WIN
- Vs -
Andrea Bogdan FO


1-0 (1-0) LOSE
Staal Joerpeland
- Vs -
Master Lim OU

OVER 3.5

1-6 (1-1) WIN
- Vs -
Cerro Porteno
Takashi Kiro AH


2-1 (1-0) WIN
Cruzeiro Arapiraca
- Vs -
Andrea Bogdan FO


1-1 (1-1) WIN

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The football tipsters today based on the total number of goals predicted for that match. The verified football tipsters stand on the overall number of corners hoard by equal sides in soccer fixed matches.

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In football match tipsters where the spread firm picks four or five players within a league and gives a quote based on 25 points per goal from each of the named players. Points are also awarded if any of them fail to take part.

In football tipster today the majority of spread firms offer a prediction for the digit of initial half corners multiplies by second-half corners. Particularly although buy confirmed football tipsters which are admired in live broadcast games, this site has a collection of apparatus counting corners, bookings, goals plus clean sheets. Points awarded may differ among spread firms.

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One of the benefits of football tipsters tips spread bets is that unlike football match tipsters, you do not have to lay your money out up front. Buy football pro tipsters which are settled at the end of the season or after you have closed your bet at any time during the time of year. Here's an important tip on timing is significant! Placing your bet moreover early or excessively delayed in the game could calculate your crumple so you've got to locate out what the finest time to put your bet with football pro tipsters.

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